New Three-Year Plans Published

In conjunction with a campus-wide pilot program, seven undergraduate majors and degree programs in the College of Letters & Science have published Three-Year Plans in the 2020–2021 edition of Guide. These optional plans are the first of their kind in the College.

AIM was tasked with leading this initiative in L&S. Analysis of time-to-degree data for all L&S graduates helped identify programs with a higher than average rate of students graduating in fewer than four years. With support of the divisional Associate Deans, departments were invited to participate in the pilot program.

Using planning resources provided by AIM, the home departments of each academic program developed a three-year time-to-degree plan for students interested in graduating in three years. AIM reviewed these plans and forwarded them to the Office of the Provost for publication. The plans were published in the 2020–2021 edition of Guide on 01 June 2020.

The seven majors and degree programs that participated in this pilot program are: