Psychology Major DARS Encoding Revision


At the request of the Psychology department, Academic Information Management and the Office of the Registrar reviewed the DARS encoding for the Psychology major’s Residence & Quality of Work requirement. We found the encoding was not accurately applying L&S policy regarding courses used in the computation of the “2.000 GPA in DEPT/major courses” requirement. At AIM’s request, the Registrar’s Office revised the coding of this requirement in August 2020. The Psychology department was notified of this revision on 13 August 2020.

Letters & Science Policy on Major GPA Computation

L&S policy requires that all courses attempted up to — and including — the course that successfully completes a requirement must be computed into the major GPA. Any course attempted after a requirement has been met should not be computed into the major GPA.

Who is affected?

This encoding revision has a minimal effect on the majority of Psychology majors. Of the 1,383 students declared in the Psychology major prior to 07 July 2020:

  • 1,290 will see no change in their major GPA,
  • 8 will see an increase in their major GPA, and
  • 77 will see a decrease in their major GPA.

Students who declare the major during the Fall 2020 term or later will not be affected.


Students who declared the Psychology major before the Fall 2020 semester, and who have questions about a change in their major GPA computation, should consult their Psychology major advisor.