McMillan, Susan

Susan McMillan is a Senior Policy & Planning Analyst; she is responsible for analyzing student outcomes and providing information to College leadership for strategic initiatives, and to academic advising for informed student services.

Pflieger, Mike

Assistant Dean Mike Pflieger is the Director of AIM. He serves ex officio on the L&S Curriculum Committee, and is responsible for leading efforts to integrate data analysis and policy review into the creation, review, revision, and implementation of L&S undergraduate curriculum and policies.

Schuth, Wyl

Wyl Schuth (Academic Planner) is responsible for published policy and curriculum information in official sources and leads degree progress, degree completion, and time-to-degree initiatives in L&S.

Zenz, Michael

Michael Zenz is a Policy & Planning Analyst; he is responsible for analyzing curriculum and policy outcomes, and for providing information to departments and shared governance.