Current Projects

Perfecting Published Curriculum

Year six of an ongoing effort to enhance the accuracy, logical coherence, and specificity of degree, major and certificate program requirements published in Guide.

Project lead: Wyl Schuth
Stakeholders: Students, Advisors, L&S Curriculum Committee, L&S Administration, AIM, Academic Deans’ Services
Partners: L&S Administration, L&S Curriculum Committee, Registrar's Office DARS Encoders
Systems: Lumen, DARS

Degree Clearance & Communication Tool 2.0 Development & Testing

Second-stage development of automated process for degree clearance, building on & replacing previous custom R script.

Project lead: Michael Zenz
Stakeholders: Students, Advisors, AIM, Registrar’s Office
Partners: none
Systems: DARS, SIS, Tableau

L&S Academic Policy Reform

Identification of problematic L&S academic policies, presentation of evidence and recommendations for more coherent and efficacious curriculum.

Project Lead: Mike Pflieger
Stakeholders: L&S Curriculum Committee, L&S Administration, AIM, Academic Deans’ Services
Partners: Academic Deans’ Services, L&S Curriculum Committee, Policy Wonks PACE Teams
Systems/Processes: InfoAccess, Lumen, LSCC agendas

DARS Encoding Recension

Archival of obsolete DARS audits, retirement of legacy DARS encoding, ongoing revision of best-practices for L&S DARS encoding.

Project Lead: Mike Pflieger
Stakeholders: Students, Advisors, AIM
Partners: Registrar’s Office DARS Encoders
Systems/Processes: DARS

Hyperion Query Conversion

Assessment of AIM’s query library, conversion of queries with ongoing utility from Hyperion environment to R and/or Toad environments.

Project lead: Michael Zenz
Stakeholders: AIM
Partners: ODMAS
Systems/Processes: InfoAccess, R, SIS, Tableau, Toad Data Point