AIM was formed in 2012 to ensure that L&S undergraduate curriculum and policy information is accurate, coherent, and consumable by a variety of stakeholders so that L&S programs and operational systems are rational, data-driven, efficient, and effective.

Our work intersects with L&S administration, academic planning, advising, and teaching and learning. Our campus working partners include Academic Planning and Institutional Research, and the Offices of the Registrar, Admissions, Data and Management and Analytic Services, among others.

Our primary stakeholders are the undergraduate departments and programs in L&S, and the students pursuing an L&S degree, major, or certificate program.

Key Strategic Functions

To accomplish our mission, AIM staff perform a variety of key strategic functions that include:

  • Reviewing and approving undergraduate program proposals in Lumen
  • Providing expertise and oversight to how academic departments express undergraduate degree, major, and certificate programs in the Guide
  • Overseeing the codification of L&S degree, major, and certificate requirements in the official degree audit system
  • Analyzing degree audit and student information system data and reporting outcomes to departments and governance
  • Benchmarking student degree progress and providing information to departments about the degree progress and completion rates of their students
  • Supporting faculty to design data-driven curriculum and policy by providing evidence and expertise to faculty governing bodies and via program reviews
  • Providing self-service modes to distribute curricular information, including Tableau visualizations
  • Authorizing the Office of the Registrar to award L&S degrees and majors

Outcomes & Products

The outcomes and products of AIM’s work include:

  • Accurate and helpful degree audits and degree clearance processes
  • Useful Guide content for requirements, admissions, and four-year plans
  • Analysis that leads to better functioning curriculum
  • Timely student degree progress and completion within four years
  • Advocacy for L&S needs among campus partners
  • Leadership and innovation for better business processes
  • Rational data and information use policy, and promotion of best practices