About AIM

AIM was formed in 2012 to ensure that L&S undergraduate curriculum and policy information is accurate, coherent, and consumable by a variety of stakeholders so that L&S programs and operational systems are rational, data-driven, efficient, and effective.

Our work intersects with L&S administration, academic planning, advising, and teaching and learning. Our institutional working partners include the Offices of Data, Academic Planning and Institutional Research, Registrar, Admissions, and others.

Our primary stakeholders are the undergraduate departments and programs in L&S, and the students pursuing an L&S degree, major, or certificate program.

AIM Staff

Susan McMillan

Position title: Policy & Planning Analyst

Mike Pflieger

Position title: Assistant Dean & Director

Wyl Schuth

Position title: Policy & Planning Analyst

Michael Zenz

Position title: Policy & Planning Analyst